A little about me… I was born in Mexico City, grew up in the beautiful beach of Tampico, Mexico  with my mom´s side of the family and currently living by myself in St. Paul, Minnesota since April 2012. I was taught of many random things growing up that I had no idea I would actually use someday. I´ve been my mom´s wing-man on her travels and have been as lucky as to have been all around the world.

I´ve been working since I was 16 teaching English as a second language to little kids. After getting my Architecture degree in my state´s University, and some studies in Interior Design in Milan, Italy, I started working as an architect and interior designer for a few companies for about 8 years and finally got brave enough to open my own little design and furniture shop.

I got married late 2009, divorced early 2011 and came out a whole different person. Such a hard time but it turned out to be one of the best things that could ever happen to me, did a complete 180 turn in myself  and came out happier and knowing much more about myself and the life I wanted.

Early 2012 things started getting a bit dangerous in my town so decided it was time to move and long story short ended up in sunny Minnesota working as the assistant for the Consul General at the Consulate of Mexico in St. Paul, MN and also being in charge of the cultural events of the Consulate. Yep, nothing to do with my background and it´s been hard to balance my all-over-the-place-ness with the super organized life I need to have now. But it´s been great, so interesting, have been learning so much, met great people, and it has really made me  a much well-rounded person.

Last November I adopted this little dog Coco out of  missing my other dog Buffy (who is still back in Mexico) so much. It turned out to be again one of the best experiences I have ever had, she is the most crazy little thing, but there´s so much love in her, it´s unbelievable.

I keep myself sane and creative by painting, DIY-ing for my tiny little home and still doing some long distance design work in Mexico. Oh!  also hanging out with all the incredible, artsy friends I´ve made here. Fun Fun Fun!


I love anything that has to do with design and decorating spaces. As many of you do, I love the idea of making a space as great as it can be, not the most expensive or typically pretty,  just a space that’s cool and chic, comfortable and functional for the people using it and expresses their personal style.

I like to mix high and low in my design jobs (sometimes really high, sometimes really low), and a lot of DIY too, I also do that in my everyday outfits… For me, that mix is what makes your style complete. It should not be a catalog or a demonstration of one period of décor style. The mix is what gives the space a soul. I use lots of textures, I love black, navy, gray, gold and love adding a touch of a crazy flashy color like neons or fucsia… Mix modern and traditional, new and old. A place that you feel it´s fancy but also a place where your messy dog or kids can go running around in.


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