Lucky 7

Every week I come across stuff so brilliantly funny, interesting or cute, that I just have to share it with you! I haven´t done a Lucky 7 post in a while so I have tons of catching up to do but here´s a start…. Happy Saturday!!!

lucky 7

  1. So, it´s starting to get really cold here in the Twin cities and that makes me face the every morning dreaded question, what should I wear today??? Check this out for some serious winter style motivations. (
  2. With winter, another thing comes along, Xmas trees !! or whatever decorations you can fit in your home. (
  3. As much as I love giving gifts, for me the best part after picking the perfect one is wrapping them. Here are some great wrapping papers frome One Kings Lane collaborations, take a peek!  (
  4. This is a great gift for the rockin´ couple! 
  5. This is another great gift giving idea for the one who has everything… and they´re having a sale! (
  6. The Holidays are also very important times to share and be social. Surround yourself of people you have disconnected from and catch up, just be sure you are taking Larry David´s advice. 
  7. And finally Champagne!!!! for ocassions!!!! i will never get enough of this clip! 

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