Bathroom annoyment

While I´m not sure annoyment is a word, I felt that way about my bathroom today.

As you probably know, I live in what I think is one of the most charming areas in town but that comes with the price of having to live in a really tiny place. I wasn´t crazy about it and I´m not sure I am still, but Coco and I don´t need anymore space than what we have really. So after a bit over a year I finally made my peace with living in a 2 room studio (whatever that means). Except today, not today, today I was so annoyed by my bathroom. As always I was running late this morning, and since I´m getting really good at procrastinating, for yet another weekend I didn´t bring down my winter clothes from the super high top shelf of my closet.

So I´m climbing up there this morning, Coco running around trying to convince me of playing fetch… ugh you get  the picture… I was finally up there, look down at her, and look around and all I see, with the exception of my teal towels, some purple jars and my magenta orchid, the horror! it´s all beige! Not a nice shade even, it´s a hideous I-just-finished-chewing-this-gum beige, and from that top of the closet perspective it looked even worse!

How I wish I had one of these really unique bathrooms full of character and personality…

All images are from Elle Decor .

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