Lucky 7

Every week I come across stuff so brilliantly funny, interesting or cute, that I just have to share it with you!

lucky 7

  1. So, it´s finally summer in Minnesota and I´m finding myself in the need of one of these.     
  2. Sometimes all we need is a beautiful lightbulb.
  3. If you are either starting to learn how to cook or you already love doing it or just find yourself needing to, this is the basic stuff you´ll need.    
  4. I´ve been loosing some weight but found myself in the need of a great workout that focuses on the midsection, apparently this is it.   
  5. I don´t even know what to think of this. I recently read the interview The New York Times did to Kanye West in which he says he is the new Steve Jobbs and the new Le Corbusier. This article on Architizer makes some actual sense out that statement.
  6. I´m big on jewelry, maybe it´s the Latin in me, maybe i´m just a bit flashy by nature, I don´t know, but I love huge earrings, or big statement pieces. Having mentioned that I also love that little piece of jewelry, a little dainty ring or bracelet or in my case a super thin white gold chaing with a tiny C dangling from it. It´s something so simple and neutral that you can really forget you are wearing it and just keep it on. These are some examples of that.    
  7. Ok, I´m sorry but if you don´t cry your way through this there´s just something wrong with you.       

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