Gay Pride in Minneapolis and Twinkle Sprinkle

So, you have no clue how crazy my weekend was. This past couple of weeks I have been very busy finishing some stuff before I leave to Mexico for vacation/family/doggy time and some work events. That´s why I haven´t really been posting much, sorry about that but I´ll update you right away.

One of my best friends here, who is also my coworker at the Consulate had a birthday Wednesday and we had a series of celebrations for her. Friday we went salsa dancing (just some girls from work) and had so much, met some new friends and some old ones, great times. Saturday after taking Coco to her first Vet visit since I adopted her to get her Health Certificate so she can fly to Mexico with me, we had a BBQ at Claudia´s apartment (the birthday girl), the weather was beautiful and almost everyone from work came with their families. I took Coco and she had a blast running after the kids. She was beat by the end of the party.

Coco at the vet´s office ready to leave.

The next morning really early I met at The Saloon in Minneapolis with Dan and “Papi” my hot friends for Minneapolis Gay Pride parade. I was gonna help out Dan with a business he is starting, selling cute colorful vials of glitter to the masses, and help make the festivities a bit more sparkly. His business is called Twinkle Sprinkle by the way. We met at 9 am and finished around 3pm, a bit sunburned, a bit tired, very groped, very glittery and a lot of drunk haha. Guys those of you that know me, know that I´m not a big drinker at all, but I was having so much fun bar hopping and jumping and dancing around all that beautiful crazy people that we found there. I started the day tired cus I didn´t really sleep that much the night before but by the end on the event, OMG, I had had one of the best days ever. You must all come next year! 

942606_10152996094865105_435707413_n 10352_10151706835432660_891878057_n I´m the tiny one hahahaha 6970_637636989581500_1473804412_n 1013076_637173939627805_156403995_n

After that, if you can believe it, I had another party. A dinner at the Consul´s house to say goodbye to Alan my coworker/workbabybrother since he is leaving Minnesota, and to say welcome to a few of our new coworkers. As always his partner David and himself were the best hosts and even though I was really tired and I think a bit hungover I had a great time. We ate their delicious appetizers and food and shared some great moments and conversations. It is hard sometimes to be so far away from home and your country, in a culture so different from yours but working here has really helped us all to make the adjustment and to have some sort of a family abroad. We are very few people working here and for some time there have been some rough situations and many changes, last night finally and for the first time in a long time, we all felt really close and family like.

So that was my weekend. And now i´m ready for the week before my vacations, need to finish a lot of stuff at work and home and getting a bit nervous of flying Coco for the first time. But I´m very anxious and excited! I can´t wait!


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