Throwback Thursday

I want to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to my dear uncles.

As we know this past weekend was Father´s day and it is always a very emotional date for me. Although I didn´t grow up with my real father (with whom I´m the best of friends today) I have always been surrounded by 3 great men, my mom´s brothers.

It has been a very peculiar way of being brought up by, having a very strong mother figure and the very strong men around her. The three of them have their own personalities and quirks but all of them have been the best shared dads one could ever wish for. I have been fortunate enough to learn different things and invaluable life lessons from the three of them, they have without a doubt helped shaping me into the person I am.

They have always been there in their own particular way, either scolding me ´cus my skirt is too short, or hating my boyfriends, helping me out whenever I needed, or my mom needed help, being the first face I saw when there was a school recital,  teaching my cousins and I about current events in carpool, supporting me all the way through my decisions and calling me out on the wrong ones, teaching me how to treat others, respect, work ethics, to always push myself in order to accomplish anything and being a shoulder I could cry on when times got hard.

Thank you! I love you all more that you´ll ever know and miss you deeply!

btw, that´s tiny me on the pic with one of my uncles and my cousin/brother, oh and Shamu!



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