Lucky 7

Every week I come across stuff so brilliantly funny, interesting or cute, that I just have to share it with you!

lucky 7

  1. Look at this kickass Painted Desert project that gets artists to make fantastic, beautiful murals out in the vast Navajo Nation southwest.  And here is a map for the locations of the pieces. Has to be seen to be believed.
  2. Read this and you will never be confused about which wine you pick at the restaurant.
  3. This is why Neil Patrick Harris should host everything!!! 
  4. Skull Sugar!!!
  5. I just love libraries, check this ones out!
  6. Life in Five Seconds takes 200 notable happenings in the world — historical events, inventions, lives, places, animals and icons — and strips away all the useless stuff to present the basic bits in beautifully minimalistic pictograms.
  7. Tucked away in a lower Manhattan back alley, the freight-elevator-sized, generically named Museum is one of New York City’s newest curiosities. While it’s only open 16 hours a week, during the day on Saturdays and Sundays, the museum’s contents are viewable 24/7, lit and sealed by glass doors.

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