Breaking Dawn 1 Soundtrack, yes i´m a fan…

We all have to wait until next week to see the wedding, honeymoon, and love scenes of Breaking Dawn, but you can have an early taste of the movie with the soundtrack, which was released on tuesday and I already bought.

I always look forward to the well chosen Twilight soundtracks and their mix of songs that reflect the “darkly” romantic tone of the films (I always play the New Moon and Eclipse albums).

The latest soundtrack is a bit less moody than the others, but it’s still an awesome variety of indie, a little bit of rock, and romantic but not too cheesy ballads.

I’ve picked my top five favorites to highlight.  (sorry for the videos!!! hahaha just listen to the songs )

  • “Endtapes” by The Joy Formidable: The first track is an happy indie rock song, a little bit softened by the sweet voice of the lead singer. The drum beat makes you feel like something exciting is coming — I think it´s a great opening for the soundtrack.
  • “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri: This ballad´s lyrics are perfect for Edward and Bella’s relationship; she sings “I have loved you for a thousand years . . . I’ll love for a thousand more.” Even if you’re not a vampire, this song is about the lovestory that we all twilight book fans love.
  • “I Didn’t Mean It” by The Belle Brigade: One of the big, loud rockish songs of the soundtrack, I think it wakes you up from the romantic mood the previous love songs have put you into. I’m hoping it accompanies some kind of badass werewolf moment.
  • “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars: With Edward and Bella already married, there are fewer songs about heartbreak, but Edward still has to worry about losing Bella to death. Bruno Mars is best known for his  pop songs, but he gets emotional for this song. I can´t stop playing it!!!
  • “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” (Wedding Version) by Iron & Wine: Ok this one is for the true fans, any fan of theTwilight series will recognize this song from Edward and Bella’s memorable slow dance at the prom in the first movie. Iron & Wine have updated the now classic love song into a version for the wedding with more strings and a more formal vibe that’s even better than the original. I imagine this song to be the happy couple’s first dance.
Let´s now just wait and see in which part they used them… (haha i´m such a 15 year old)

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